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This is an art photo, portfolio and project website containing photos captured by Thomas Russ Arnestad - AKA "me". Most of the photos can be purchased as prints on different materials.

My interest in photography started as a 5-year old when I got my first camera, a 35mm Ricoh and it was so red, shiny and beautiful. I was fascinated by the idea of capturing moments and how a whole day, and situations could be summarized in one photo. This simple idea of photographing is still what drives me into my 40's and what's gotten me deeper and deeper into street photography.

Whereas photography used to be a way of making my living, it's only a recreational thing today and I'm quite happy to keep it this way. I rapidly experienced how working with your passion kills that very passion - and it happens fast. At least it did for me and it took me a good 8 years finding back to my passion.

I have no real preference in what gear or brand I use as long as it's suited for the task. I've been through a lot of Canons and Nikons, several vintage 35mm, Leica rangefinders, but  today my daily carrier is an Olympus Pen F.

If you have any interest in looking further into what I do besides my photography - here's a link to my LinkedIn profile.

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